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Airbnb Rental Guarantee

Risk-free rentals are a way of life.

Setting up your home in style

We bring a premium 5-Star Home Setup to the table when you work with us. Our confidence is derived from our own capabilities relating to setting your home up in a way that welcomes guests in luxury. With our home styling, your home will be styled and furnished in a way that brings about an experience guests won’t soon forget. All of our rental guarantee properties receive the proper styling and furnishings to make them as successful as possible in the Airbnb short-term rentals market. We find that this method brings forth more bookings and with more bookings, you can expect an increase in your earnings as well.

24 months of bliss

Through our Airbnb rental guarantee, you’re guaranteed a minimum of 6% yield net of property management fees over the course of this 24-month period. As an extra bonus, you’ll find an unlimited upside during the peak season when your property’s performance is seriously enhanced, making this 24 months of bliss that will bring some serious earnings to the table. Let us do the heavy lifting while you sit back and experience life being an absolute breeze with a Breezybnb partnership.

6% – A serious net income

The true return that our property investors can expect to receive in their own pockets is a 6% net income. Our rental guarantees promise a 6% yield following the property management fees being taken out. This is what you can expect to land straight in your account when you partner with us. We manage the property while you collect your income. Those are the high earnings you’ll experience and that’s a Breezybnb guarantee.

Earning more money is easy with Airbnb short-term rentals & Breezybnb guarantees this without hesitation.

We’re confident in our ability to increase your earnings and with this confidence comes a 6% rental guarantee, net of property management fees, to property investors in Brisbane. This is something we guarantee for 24 months, showcasing just how serious we are about how much more you could be earning with us.

Building trust of your customers by guaranteeing rental income

We’re currently limiting our rental guarantee to the Brisbane area, but we’re definitely going to be making it available to other regions in the near future so keep your eyes and ears open for the details! All of the properties we’re going to manage are assessed to give us the solid insight we need to determine the amount of potential it has for short-term renting through Airbnb. We understand what it takes for a short-term rental to be successful and know what to expect in this market. Rest easy knowing Breezybnb is working diligently to get you the returns your property is capable of earning.