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Online Booking Platforms

Airbnb is just scratching the surface of short-term rental property earnings.

Increased Bookings, Increased Earnings

Expanding the reach of your listing means an increase in bookings. As more people see your property listing, your property’s potential exponentially increases. With this growth in potential comes an inevitable surge in bookings. Maintaining this surge raises your annual earnings by keeping your bookings flowing. Listing your property on a multitude of sites allows it to receive the views it needs to get this constant flow. Consistency is a major key in this industry and we’ll achieve as high as 25 percent more bookings by maintaining this flow.

30+ Booking Portals

Promoting your property through a single channel is inefficient. We’re promoting your listing across more than 30 of the most popular booking channels on the planet. As we promote your property listing throughout all of the best short-term rental and hotel accommodation booking sites, we’ll capture the eyes of countless potential guests. This will result in more bookings and higher earnings on your investment.

Expand Your Reach!

Every month, we’ll get your property listing in front of over 250 million travelers! We’ve seen what more views on listings can do for the earning potential of a property and know it’s the best way to increase bookings. We’ll expand your reach through our channels and reach the masses. Through Breezybnb, you’ll reach the niche guests, intensifying your scope in a way that adds to your property’s earnings!

Through our integrated online portals, your property will get returns that go beyond expectations.

Airbnb is dominating the short-term rental industry. The majority of our guests make their bookings through Airbnb, showing just how important this platform is to this industry. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.


By listing your property on other websites as well, we’re capable of reaching a larger audience. These platforms include but certainly are not limited to TuJia, TripAdvisor, Agoda,, Expedia, and Stayz. Our philosophy is that by listing your property in more places, we’re capable of increasing your average nightly rate while bringing constant occupancy to the table. A property that is constantly booked will produce higher earnings over time.

Breezybnb utilizes technology in ways that work online. We make the Internet work for you. Through our property search engine optimization knowledge, we’ll make your property listing dwarf its competition and bring forth the constant flow of bookings your investment needs to increase your returns. Outperform your competition every time with us as we get your property listing to a prime position, resulting in an increase in bookings and that consistent revenue your property deserves.